A quick summary.

Our family

Our family consists of Daddy Mark, myself and little Finnegan, Finn or more often than not, Chicken (because he spent the first few weeks of his life he curled up like a frozen chicken).

As Mark and I are both new to the world of parenthood, our method so far has been trial and error followed by stick with it when we have a happy boy.

Mark works full time and I work part time which means those days I'm way, my mother 'Gaga' looks after him, incase you're wondering it isn't her real name just one she decided on as 'grandma' made her feel old.

Finnegan is a pretty relaxed boy, not really a crier but vocal in other ways. He loves freddy (his fox), his feet, sleeping, and if he could would probably eat the whole time he is awake. Since birth he has had a full head of hair, which grows at an alarming rate (2 haircuts in 6 months), and his hair loves nothing better than to stick up at the back and distract people into thinking he is a girl...no matter how much blue we put him in.

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