What a difference a baby makes.

2 days old

I remember 10 months ago at our prenatal course we discussed 'life after a baby'. It was mentioned how things would change and a lot could revolve around our newborns. Now at that time I can say Mark and I were a little naive, after this discussion we decided that we could easily continue our usual schedule (maybe with a little less sleep) and our baby would be happy to fit in with it.
Fast forward to the first weeks back home from the hospital, and I can say the changes that took place were more than we had in mind, as I'm sure some of you know!

Our life (first 3 weeks) :
  • Routine - day and night was now replaced with feed and change.
  • Conversation - Bowel moments and boob milk were regulars. These topics could also bring out a whole mix of emotions: huge jubilation when wee managed to stay in the nappy and deep questioning when from nowhere there was a sudden damp patch on his back...how? what did I do?
  • Entertainment - There was of course the pile of new devices and products to try out. Sleep deprivation made us doolally over some (a light show on a baby monitor...amazing!), and quick to discard others (breast pump). We also went through a few 'why did we purchase this?' moments. There was the moses basket, we had Finn in it for 5 minutes, he cried, and we didn't try it again for a month. Then the big one for us was the baby bath, it was too small to wash Finn and his hair, so clearly money well spent. Another pastime we had was the 'do you know what I read?' game, which clearly highlights our then obsession with Google. I have to admit Google was a lifesaver, though it did feel a bit like a lucky dip, one second you felt reassured, the next you're terrified.
  • Hygiene - My hands have never been so clean, they were practically red raw from washing them every 5 mins. I was hand cleaning mad I would think things like if I had touched a coat that was worn outside, my hands would then be covered in bacteria. Little could be said about my own hygiene though, pjs and dirty hair seemed to my permanent look. 
  • Trips out - When we did venture out it was usually for a 10 min walk around the block/park, which meant an hour or 2 before hand for me to get dressed and made up.
  • Food - All I can say is sandwiches, sandwiches and more sandwiches! Our lunch and dinners consisted of these and I swear the simplest chicken and salad followed by jam and cheese was like the best gourmet meal.
So there it was the start of our new life. I can luckily say that now at 7 months our lives are fully back to normality, well apart from the occasional nappy discussion over dinner!

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