Another haircut

Finn 3rd Haircut

It was another trip to Maastricht, with another haircut for Finnegan.
His hair had started to sport an Elvis look and his side burns were reaching well below his ears, so a third haircut was really needed. In someways I would've loved him to have grown it long (some boys look so sweet with it) but unfortunately he inherited my thin, looks straggly when long hair, and as he already gets confused for a girl, long hair would just means more times saying 'actually he's a boy'.
The first pic (apologies for the quality) was taken just before the chop and as you can see from the other pic we went a lot shorter. Its amazing how different he looks now, its like our little baby has become a grown up boy. One thing that definitely hasn't changed though is that his hair at the back is sticking up more than ever!

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