Easter Time

chocolate and finny

This Easter has been more like Christmas: cold outside, dinner consisted of roast goose with all the trimmings (my favourite bread sauce) and for dessert we had chocolate puddings and crazy enough actual Christmas pudding (don't ask). Then the following day was typical Boxing day style with more eating until guilt urged us to go for a long walk. I am now at the New Years resolution stage where diets and exercise are making there way into my schedule....pfff I feel tired just thinking about it.

Indeed chocolate did make the biggest appearance and its probably the only Easter Finn has no interest in eating some. The chocolate above is only a small section of what we received, thought it best not to include half eaten chocolate chickens and empty wrappers left from Mark's 'tasting tests'.
If you haven't tried Centho chocolates they are amazing. A couple runs it, they have one small shop in Duisburg and honestly they could compete with Marcolini's anyday.
Then if easter eggs weren't enough we then had hot cross buns (excuse the nipple looking one in the picture below, it was to show marzipan is in it) and simnel cake to eat. This is clear example of what happens when Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood have an Easter show special.

easter treats

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