A bit of extra work

A is for Amelia

As you might of read for a previous post, I have always wanted to expand my illustrations. I actually studied illustration at uni (not the wises decision of my life) so technically it should be plain sailing( plus will be good not to feel you wasted three years and three grand). The issue that always comes up is time! Ah I remember being pregnant and calculating my maternity leave, all I could think of was, What could I do with all this free time? In reality that was a joke. Now Finn is getting older there might be more opportunities to (not exactly the case so far). To start off this expansion, above is a letter I did for a little girl named Amelia, my plan is to continue this and make the full alphabet (maybe slight adjustments to colour). Another project in the pipeline is to make large, colourful pieces of art with geometric shapes.
The big project for the moment is Finny's 1st birthday (can't believe its a year on Saturday!). I have completely shot myself in the foot by looking at Pinterest way too much. There is now cake bunting, letter bunting and normal bunting to be made (i know bunting overload). Complex ways to wrap his presents, and time consuming cake decoration and food ideas. To top that off I also have set myself a goal to paint woodland creatures to go in the garden. I'm not sure if writing it all in here is the smartest thing to do as now expectations are even higher.
So big fingers crossed in the next weeks there are a lot of creative posts on how great everything looked and how everything went to plan..ha!

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