Ethiopian date night!

Last Friday I had the whole day to myself (the first time since being pregnant). Gaga kindly was looking after Finn so I could spend time sorting upcoming projects (stay tuned for that). This included Finn staying at my parents that night before, which meant Mark and I could squeeze in a rare 'Date Night'! (how we cherish these)
We decided to go for dinner at the Ethiopian restaurant Toukoul. If you haven't been to an Ethiopian restaurant before it involves eating a selection of spiced dishes with traditional flat bread or 'Injera'. Its all about sharing with the Injera as the utensils ( meaning prob best eaten with someone you know well).
We had the menu done for two, ('Cornise', 54 euros). The picture above doesn't include the two other dishes that go with it and really doesn't do the platter size justice, it is big! Mark and I were bursting after eating it, and trust me Mark can eat a lot!
It's definitely another place I would recommend, its a great experience and has delicious food.

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