Weekend trip - Copenhagen

Nyhavn - Copenhagen

Another weekend took me on a solo trip to Copenhagen, this was my third time there and I have to say I really love this city. Apart from the fact my best friend Nin lives there, Denmark undoubtedly has the most amazing design taste. Most of my favourites brands come from there (Ferm Living, Arne Jacobsen, Stelton, Royal Copenhagen and Hay), which always has me at a constant battle not to buy everything I see when I visit.
Even glimpsing into passing homes (please say we all do this) makes me look at their style, with all their individual designer pieces and make me just wish I have the same at home (our home is more the Ikea showroom type).
Another thing I love is the great family vibe, young children and babies are everywhere and more dads are with prams than mums (though with the size of their buggies its no wonder). It just gives that sense that having and being a family is very important seems so safe and relaxed there.

Royal copenhagen cafe

I always have a real feast when I'm over there, we do brunches, have hotdogs, smørrebrød (the pic above is the Royal Smushi Cafe) and always coffee (which usually end up me drinking more coffee in one weekend than I do the whole rest of the year). And I always come back with types of salty liquorice such as Lakrids (I blame growing up in The Netherlands for my love of that) and now I have a new favourite of Bonbon boiled sweets.

Eurovision 2014

There was also another reason for the trip, Nin managed to get tickets to the Eurovision Jury Final. Basically it was a full test run of the performances, with fake results included (Montenegro won btw).
It was such a fun night and it had an amazing vibe in the place. From that night it was pretty clear who the winner was (shame I didn't put money on it). There was also lots going on around town that you couldn't help but join in with singing a Eurovision song or two.
No doubt I'll be planning another trip to see Nin/Copenhagen soon, and I can't wait!

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