Bring on the sunny days

garden rainy

I'm on holiday for the next few weeks..yey! and am now officially craving Spring/Summer. The snow has melted and it seems like we are just left with grey skies and rainy days. I keep looking out to the garden dreaming about a sunny day and planning how Finn and I would spend it. 
Unfortunately it is also one of those days which has me planning and organising everything, and a day which I'm sure Mark dreads to come home to. 
By the end of today I would've planned out exactly how the living room, kitchen, bedroom, etc should look like and I would've given myself a whole new set of art projects to complete in unrealistic amounts of time...ah how I love the start of a holiday.
As I write this Finn is beside me playing in his 'gym' and spending more time on his front than ever (I can see crawling happening soon). We've just had lunch and all I can think now is, he really needs some fresh air. Guess its time to get that wet weather gear on, brave the cold and hope for a long enough break in the clouds.

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