My first Mother's day!


Sorry it's a little late for this post (busy week), but it needs a mention.
Yep even though we over in Belgium, we still seem to celebrate the dates from the UK and Ireland.
Its so strange that I have now become a member of this celebration, I actually only realised this the day before, guess I was more concerned with what I should be getting for 'gaga'.
Finnegan (secretly Mark) did amazingly for my first one, I received a photo book with lots of images of Finn and I, can't believe how small he was. And there was a lovely art piece at the back (the pic above), which apparently was made mainly by his feet, no doubt a party piece in the making.
There was also a note inside from 'Finn' which makes me an emotional wreck every time I read it. All in all I could've of asked for more...I seriously have a mountain ahead of me to climb trying to get 'Finn' to top that for Father's day.

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