To knit or not to knit

knitting by gaga

I remember being about 7 when my nana taught me the basic to knitting, all I could think of was this is so complicated and I could do was drop stitches. In the end I put the knitting needles away and left it to the expert.
Fast forward 21 years and things are pretty much the same: my willingness to learn is much stronger but I still haven't mastered it and I still leave it to the professional though this time its my mother (gaga).
The picture above is a taster of some of the thing she has produced since Finn's arrival (theres at least double this). Her latest venture is stuffed dinosaurs (they look great) and no doubt she will be putting her own twist to the pattern.
Ah every time my mother shows me another piece I think to myself I wish I could knit, I mean how much would I love to say 'and in the picture above is a collection of what I made' (well maybe not written that formally).
You know what enough is enough it's time to get those knitting needles out and become a professional! Mmm I'll let you know how it turns out.


Nina Wendt said...

I think both you and your mum are amazing and by the time I have my baby I will expect you to be my knitting machine.

tahra morton said...

Nin when your baby arrives my mum will be so excited to knit for it...i won't get a look in!