The last month

Finn in Vancouver

Firstly a huge apology, trying to find the time to keep up to date with this blog has become harder than I thought. Can't believe its been over a month since my last post (inexcusable really).
To give you a quick description why, the main section of that month we were away in Vancouver (plus  mini trips to Whistler and Victoria). It was last years Christmas present from Mark and our first family holiday as a trio.
Then the rest of that time included a lot of planning and packing, seriously I have never repacked or written so many lists as I did for this holiday. I planned for every scenario possible (in reality we could've of left more than half of the stuff at home) which meant the smallest member of our family requiring the most amount of space. Then don't even get me started on my panic at the thought of a 10 hr flight, which honestly went better than I could've imagined.
The last part of this non blogging has been trying to recover for the jet lag which after a week should really be behind us, yet still has us in sleeping in till noon on days off...Finny included.

All that being said I will try and be on it and get posting about our trip away, etc as soon as possible.

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