A (plane) journey and a half

We have done other plane trips with Finn, but these usually are 2 hours max and end with meeting family (therefore essential supplies are there). So imagine our thoughts of a very early flight to Frankfurt, a stop over for 5 hours and then a dreaded 10 hour long haul to Vancouver.....seriously how were we going to cope, I mean we all know what people think when someone walks into a plane with a baby, especially when there is an empty seat next to them.

Our first steps in the airports were brilliant, we got ushered or fast tracked whenever possible and my apprehensions on how much food, milk we were allowed to take were put to rest, thankfully nothing was taken off us.
Throughout the day Finn stuck to his usual routine and come the long haul and I am happy to say our little mister did amazingly! He was more than content to stare at strangers, babble quietly to himself and have the occasional nap for most of the flight. We even (mid flight) had a lovely couple walk past us with their baby and mention 'you are so lucky he's so good' (he was asleep during this time). Seating wise, we got seats where a cot is placed in front of you (a slight glimpse of it in the pic), which really gave us sometime to relax, even if watching movies was impossible.

The journey back he had turned pro, it being a night flight we knew Finny would get a little more sleep. As we took off and he started to drift off and only woke when we landed 9 hours later. I actually held him this whole flight, as this airline said Finn was too big for a cot, and although this meant a little less comfortable for me (dying for the loo), he did get a much bette sleep, so all in all it was worth it.

Some essentials we needed for this part of the journey:

  • A blanket or large scarf - Those plane blankets are so static, it like dicing with death when removing them.
  • Sachets of food (plus milk) - We took 'Ella Kitchen' ones and mainly the fruit variety as we didn't have to heat them, plus the packaging is great (squeeze straight onto the spoon). Countless naps meant feeding small and often. 
  • Crinkle book: Finn loves these and can look at it for hours, plus they're really light so great for carrying.
  • A Dummy clip - Finn loves to throw dummies so this was a life saver.
  • Changing mat - Its crazy the amount of baby changing places I have been too that are filthy. Putting one of these down is so much easier than trying to cover the whole place in toilet paper.  

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