Own room

Finn morning view

When it came to Finn's sleep situation, I have to say that it hasn't exactly been text book.
Pretty much from the start we went with co sleeping, for us it seem logical, I was breast feeding and instead of having to get up and out from bed every 30 mins, I could just roll over and feed. What we weren't expecting was how long this situation stayed. Even when Finn got older, we were placing him in his own cot (in the corner of our room) and at around 02:00 I would be lifting a crying boy out of his bed and into ours. I will whole heartily admit this was all due to us, at that time in the morning we were always up for taking the easy option. 

With Finny turning one Mark and I have decided that this would be a good time as any to move him into his own room (finally all that painting and nesting I did for his room, will be worth it).
The first night was interesting, I had prepared myself for a rough night of making countless trips to his room and was prepared to act strong by not letting him come back to our bed, Finn had other plans...he slept! even when he did stir all that was needed was the dummy. So in reality I should of prepared myself for constant check ups to see why he wasn't crying (is he still breathing?) and then the emotion of mourning the fact my little boy didn't need me anymore.
So it has been over a month since his cot moved and things are good, he might still wakes up once at night and on occasion joins us in the early hours but from what I can see he gets a better sleep and is less likely to be woken up. It's funny, but looking back co sleeping might of been better for us than for Finn, I guess at least now Mark can get ready for work without me shhhing him anytime he moves.

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