Party planning

As you might of read before I had quite a long list of things to produce for Finny birthday (I guess all parents want to make the 1st one special). This list included:
  • Bunting
  • Woodland creatures
  • Letter bunting
  • Cake bunting (you can see that in the previous post)
  • Plus wrapping which didn't really work out, I actually just bought nice designed paper (oopps), though it was keeping in theme.
It was an intense three days, and to be honest I loved being that productive. It was great to really get stuck into a project and to have more than just an hour (when Finn naps) to do something.

Finn 1st bunting
The bunting has to be credited to Gaga she was the main one slaving for hours to get it ready (there was a lot to do). It made the place look lovely and now the plan is to use the bunting as decoration for Finn's room, which reminds me that still needs to go up (I'll show pics when that goes up).

Finn 1st woodland
The woodland animals were great fun to paint and worked perfectly painted on cardboard. I wanted them to go on sticks in the garden (instead they were placed around the room) but then again I can always do that later when Finny would appreciate it more.

Finn 1st letter bunting
The letter bunting was hand drawn, and again made great use of the old cardboard boxes. Putting them up was a bit of a nightmare (not enough ribbon) and getting them to stay up was even worse, but they did look good against the plain wall.

Lastly the food (sausage plait, couscous salad, vegetable tart, etc) went down very well, especially the amazing bread rolls/burgers by Fafa (my dad).

Finn 1st foodI can't wait for the next birthday now...already have loads of ideas!

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