Happy Halloween!

Finn Halloween

I'm sorry that this 'not posting for over a month' has become a trend, it seems that one busy week is followed by another. Then the posts I quickly jotted down in the moment seem to become outdated a week later (clearly its telling me I need to publish sooner). So I have decided to take an oath, after this period of big changes (end of Nov) I will commit myself fully to posting more.
Incase you're wondering what's distracted me the last month: we've gone on some short breaks away, I've had a last minute illustration project and then spare time has been focused on starting my own business, all of which I will mention in upcoming posts. 
Regarding Finn he is no longer our little baby, but now our little boy. A boy with a lot of independence and personality. I'm still shocked how much he changes everyday and love how like Mark, he can make me laugh continuously.

With that being said I hope everyone is in enjoying this cold but lovely sunny Halloween. I have to say that the chill in the air and the fact there's celebrations has got me smiling from ear to ear (even if I'm not the biggest Halloween fan). I also seem to find myself saying 'how can they sell Christmas stuff now? Its months away!' anytime I head out, but secretly I love the fact Christmas is 'here'. All this pre build up will have me putting Christmas decorations up by December 1st.

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