Last of the Summer - Malta


At the end of September we took a little trip to Malta (with my parents), it was one of those holidays you book early May to guarantee some summer sun, as we all know the last few years have been pretty hit and miss for good weather. It was Finn's first sunny holiday, first try at swimming and also include my first plane journey alone with him (Mark joined a few days later).
I thought travelling alone with Finn would be easy, but in reality two pairs of hands are definitely better than one. It really was like a series of obstacles and challenges as soon as Mark left us.
Holding a toddler while folding and placing a buggy on a conveyer belt not easy. Going to the toilet with hand luggage and buggy, like a game of Tetris (Brussels airport doesn't seem to have toilet access in the baby changing room). Eating a plane meal while holding a sleeping boy, who lets be honest takes up all the room, impossible! And lastly trying to push and pull the buggy and suitcase, both with minds of their own, tiring. At least next time I know what to do…bring Mark!


On Malta, it gave us exactly what we needed: sun, swimming and pure relaxing. I have to admit that embarrassingly we didn't see much of the island/surroundings, as our days consisted mainly of sitting by the pool sunbathing and having conversations about when and what we should eat next. We did take daily walks though to some local harbours and beaches (pictured), which were lovely, so a return visit could be on the cards.


My biggest joy of the holiday was that Finny loved it, he spent all day swimming, or more like bobbing up and down in an inflatable, 'eating' (pic above), and napping in the shade. With Gaga and Fafa being there a week beforehand (so already relaxed and ridiculously tanned), they were fully ready to entertain Finn to the max, which meant I could have the rare treat of doing nothing, a real holiday!

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