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Last Sunday ended up being a spontaneous day (which is pretty rare nowadays), Mark had mentioned seeing a sign for a design market the day before so with a bit of googling and a lot excitement from me, we wrapped up warm and headed there after Finny's nap
The company doing the event was DaWanda, honestly I hadn't heard of them before this day, seems similar to Etsy though as its a marketplace selling unique goods (plus handmade). Also the events are happen frequently in Holland and Germany with this being the first time in Belgium (good for us).
The location was at the Meiningher Hotel, also a part of Brussels I didn't know, but came across as an up and coming area canal, quite north london and even the hotel itself reminded Mark and I a bit of The Hoxton in London.
The event used the hotel rooms like shops, with around 100 mini shops to wander into. They were selling anything from handmade clothes and jewellery to home wares and artwork. With a good atmosphere, food and drink available and a modern/arty setting (I mean just look at that carpet) we were some happy chappies. Only issue of the day was we managed to get stuck in the lift (didn't have key cards to go to some of the floors) and as someone with slight claustrophobia, it wasn't the best experience.

DaWanda event Brussels 2DaWanda event Brussels 3

On arriving we thought this is the place to get Christmas presents, which quickly turned into this is the place to get presents for us, errr I mean Finny. We ended up buying some pieces from the shop Knallbraun, well 5 to be exact (pic below). I was sold straight away with great illustrations of quirky characters and monochrome buildings, plus she came across as a lovely person who clearly cared and enjoyed what she did so even more of a reason to buy some. Even had to force myself not to buy too many, but then again can always buy some later…hush hush.

DaWanda Knallbraun - http://knallbraun.com/
So its hats off to Mark for mentioning this event, would've never gone if he hadn't (wasn't much advertisements around). Considering this is the type of thing I hope to get involved in, in the future it was a perfect way to spend a Sunday! Lets just hope Brussels hosts another event soon!

Btw incase you wonder, I'm never offered any incentive to write about these things (maybe not enough viewers haha) so all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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