Take away - Makisu


Its been a while since Mark mentioned seeing a new sushi place and we thought lets give it a try. Now being a lover of classic sushi, when I first saw the menu I wasn't exactly tempted…I mean foie gras in sushi, not something I would put together! But like most things you can't knock it until you try it and after trying it Makisu has now become one of our staple takeaways! We seem to call it the healthy option, as the other choices are either pizza from Dea's (really good btw) or if alcohol and a late nights are involved the occasionally friterie (well we are in Belgium)!
Both the interior of Makisu and location (plus tram stops right by) are great! So perfect for if your eating there or taking home, plus price wise its bang on.


Our usual order is: Spicy Pablo, Dragon Roll, Makifornia, Alaska Roll and Up The River, all of which I would highly recommend! Mark always adds the WTF(G)!? (foie gras) which seems to acts like his dessert, and I love hearing him correct himself every time he orders it (lets just say he doesn't use the abbreviation).
If you haven't been yet, and are looking for something different I would definitely give it a go. Plus its perfect for people who eat sushi regularly and others that aren't so keen, as the tastes aren't too traditional.

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