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The first change is...I officially quit my job! (above is a pic of my official 'home' office now, sorry for the quality)

You might remember from a previous post I considered leaving before and was kindly offer the chance to do part time. This arrangement work really well for 6 months, then I realised my thoughts were still elsewhere (being with Finny and doing illustration). Being part time is brilliant, but it can have its down sides: I found that things were moving on without me, I didn't know what projects were going on and as it was difficult to give me long projects, I ended up doing mundane/monkey work. This resulted in my enthusiasm dropping and as someone who hates not giving my all, I knew something had to change.
Its scary when you realise what you're doing is making you unhappy and due to the financial security you stick with it. That decision to stay or leave was one of the hardest to make, all I could think was how hard it is to get a job in the first place…but truth was web design was just not for me.
After a lot of discussions, list making and huge support from Mark (seriously has been the best) and family I decided to take a risk, thinking if I didn't do it now then I never would.

I've had this dream of being my own boss, having a business doing illustration, producing children's books or illustrative products and knowing that what I was produced was all from me. It was only after having Finn that I realised that my interests had changed. I spent my days looking at blogs from other mothers, and website showcasing the latest must haves for children. Spending more time at home also resulted in me looking at designed things for the home and even my Pinterest searches seem to focus on 'illustration', 'home' or  'children'. All in all it was pretty clear where my passion was and what line of work I should be in.

So my business plan is to create a brand which produces a selection of illustrative homewares and products for children to sell on Etsy. My research is in check, and with the help of 'Build a business from your kitchen table' I am finalising the full business plan, etc (the worse job to date). All is still in the early stages but hopefully there will be designs to show soon.

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