Second big change is come September there will be another little member of our family! Whoooooo!
I actually found out a few days after my last day at work (feelings of nausea pretty much gave it away). Indeed probably not the best timing with our limited income right now but we are still over the moon, we were planning on trying sometime this year so now is just as good as any.

I can't believe I completely forgot how horrible 'morning' (more like 'all day') sickness can be, I remember being ill with Finn but not this bad. Throwing up countless times a day is not a pleasant past time, but when looking after a toddler is thrown into the mix it can really take it out of you.
This was the main reason I took a step back from blogging, getting the energy for anything those months was a challenge. Its a good thing the brain blocks these bad times from memory because remembering I'd feel hungover for 3 months would be hard to take.

Its funny how different first pregnancies are to second. I look back on my pregnancy with Finn, everyone congratulated and asked how I was all the time and all I did was lie around relaxing and deciding what my next craving could be. This time round its like there isn't time to think about being pregnant, its only when I get sudden bouts of thirst or finding I'm exhausted from walking up the stairs that I remember. I love the moments when I have a bath and get that time to think about the little one growing inside and those times when Finn does something that makes me think how amazing a big brother he will be.
With Finn being only 2 when this one is born I did worry that maybe the age gap would be too small. My ideal spacing was 3 years (my brother and I have this and it worked great), but when I read up about it there were pros and cons at any age difference. I guess for us, the baby products are still out and the challenges with Finn are still fresh in our minds so already prepared for the next!

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