Weekend trip - Nice

Nice beach

With our new bundle of joy coming in September and Finny turning 2 mid July we realised that our benefits of a free passinger and me even being allowed to travel by plane were drawing to a close. So we became very organised and booked a load of trips to see friends/family, with a sneaky last holiday as a trio thrown in.
One of the weekend included a trip to see our friend in Nice, France!

Nice harbour

Last time we went to Nice was back in the day when Mark and I were child and care free. We would relax in the sun with drinks in hand and party hard into early hours. Our mornings would involve long lie in followed by large brunches to ease our hangovers.
So here we were heading back again, but this time with a child and a half, I think we both knew that we would be seeing a different side to Nice.

Nice streets

I do love the way the streets are set in Nice, narrow alleys with little restaurants and bars along them, its like stumbling upon secret places every time you turn the corner.

Finn - Nice Park

Our experience this time of Nice was we felt more like locals then tourists, we spent our days walking around the markets and backstreet, enjoying long lunches and copious amount of ice cream (think pregnancy allowed me to get away with that one). The rest of the day we focused on activities for Finny, which would involve a lot of time in the Park. The new one in the centre had great things for him to play on, funnily enough it had fake grass (shown in pic above), which looked so real and kept it perfectly green. We also took a trip put to a view point on the little white train (ok pretty touristic) which Finn was thrilled about. Evenings varied, one night was spent in another out and about and our last evening we relaxed on a hotel roof terrace with amazing panoramic views.
One difficulty we did find on the holiday was our routine with Finn, with us being out and about he ended up with broken naps and bedtimes of 10pm. This resulted in a decreased appetite and him being a little fussy in the day, though considering it all he always had a smile on his face.

By the time we started to settle and relax, our long weekend was up (I hate it when that happens). No doubt we'll be booking another trip to Nice soon, but next time it'll be Nice with 2 children in tow.

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