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sushi oui - outside

Something that I am counting down the days till I can eat again is sushi, well that and a rare steak, baked camembert and pâté on toast! I hate when you can't eat something, you crave it so much (why I never stick to diets).
I mentioned in a previous post about Makisu (a take on sushi) but if your one of those people who go for the real, authentic deal then there is a great place called Sushi Oui.
It opened last year and being situated right near my old work was a places at the time I couldn't wait to try (the nearest sushi before that was Carrefour). As soon as it opened I was there and after trying the lunch menu it became my lunch twice a week (which when you work part time is a lot!).

sushi oui - lunch menu

For lunch I would always go for the set menu: a sushi box (18pieces), salad and miso soup for 12.80 euros (might be different online). My favourite was the 'Trio' box (shown above), theres spicy ones which are delicious and I love sushi with the lettuce around refreshing.
You can obviously get their sushi anytime of the day, but value for money the lunch menu is great. If you go for something different they do have a wide selection of sashimi and sushi, with even some cooked versions which I might have to try very soon (will satisfy some craving).
All in all if you're into sushi you need give this place a they deliver!

sushi oui - booklet

Lastly, if you're into design then you should check out their website, booklet and packaging, great, simple and clean…mmm can you tell I worked in design.

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