Bia Mara

Bia Mara

Bia Mara is somewhere Mark and I having been coming to for a while now and somewhere I always mean to write up about, I am being completely honest when I say it serves the best fish and chips (and being british I've tasted a fair few).
You see its popularity straight away as the place is always busy and even if there is a queue I would still suggest waiting, staff are efficient (and always friendly) meaning you won't be waiting to long. Plus with a central location and minimal/modern decor (love the lights) its a great place to head to whenever your in the centre.

Bia Mara - food

I can't say enough how great the food is, the fish is always fresh, chips nice and chunky and the garlic truffle mayonnaise is to die for. Our favourite is the fish in lemon and basil tempura with seaweed salted chips and garlic truffle mayo, plus mushy peas (which comes in 2 pots) on the side and we always head here when we're with Finn as he loves a good fish and pea combo.

So if you haven't tried this place yet and are in the centre of town its a must to go to, plus with prices 10-12 euros a menu how could you complain.

Bia Mara - inside

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