2nd Birthday

So just over 2 week ago Finn turned 2 and its true what everyone says, time really goes by quick.
We organised a small birthday party for him and with his much loved interest for 'things that go' decided to go with a transport theme. Incase its not clear there its meant to be a fire engine on the cake (cake decorating is clearly a skill I don't have, ha!)

I will admit my planning and to do list wasn't at the level of last year (this pregnancy isn't giving me much energy) but I did managed to get a paint brush out and create a few cardboard vehicles (pic above), which we stuck on the windows. It was so worth it as straight away Finny started pointing and listing them (last year's painted animals weren't such a hit). For other decor we put up the bunting from the last year and a load of balloons. Thankfully most of the food was taken care of by Gaga and Fafa (utter life savers), so all in all there was no stress for me.

Present wise we decided on a play kitchen (Ikea) as he is always keen to make tea (for me) and coffee (for mark). We included some pots, pans, fruit and veg and thought it best to build/set up everything the night before meaning I spent most of the evening constructing (always love a good ikea challenge though plus Mark never reads instruction so really can't be trusted to help :)). Mark put up the decorations and when the morning came Finn excitedly came upstairs and headed straight over to the first balloon he could find, which he played with most of the morning…I love how sometimes its the simplest things.

I would say the day/party was a clear hit, he ate all his favourite sweet things, got to play loads with his best buddy Emil and throughly enjoyed us singing 'Happy Birthday' to him (which he also sang to himself several time through the day), come bedtime he was asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.
I do have one regret though that we didn't take more pictures, I always find it the case when theres other thing to do, next celebration I'm holding a camera permanently in my hand.

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