Porto Santo

Porto Santo

So as our family will soon become 4 we decided it would be best to take a last little holiday as a trio. Relaxing and spending quality time with Finn and as a family.
When deciding the type of holiday we were thinking: all inclusive (so no worries about where to eat), sun, swimming and the beach, and after a little search we ended up booking a week away to Porto Santo. If you haven't heard of it (I have to admit I hadn't), its a small island of 5000 people just above from Madeira.
The 4hr flight was a little longer than we would've liked (we had to stop in Madeira to let people off), but thankfully Finn did his usual thing and slept most of the way.

Hotel - Porto Santo

When we arrived the weather wasn't the best (you can see from the left pic) but thankfully the clouds lifted and we had really sunny days from then on.
Now I must say I'm always one for the sun, I could happily lay down and sunbathe all day, but it seems that this might of changed. Being pregnant I couldn't stand even half an hour in the sun, and trying to relax on the beach or a sun lounger when you can't lie on your front or back is pretty frustrating. I constantly covered Finny with high factor and made him wear a hat and then ended up doing the same, which was great for setting an example plus the fact I couldn't exactly sunbathe made me more up for doing things.

Regarding the food, our expectations weren't too high, (food is never amazing when somewhere needs to cater for lots of people) but there was always something good enough to eat, and the fact there was food from 7am-11pm was perfect with two hungry boys. Plus lots of choice meant if Finn didn't like something there was always something else to try.

Finn - Porto Santo
As is usually the case our daily routine revolved mainly around Finn, so we spent our mornings swimming in the pool and afternoons at the beach ('building sand castle with dada').
The life vest you can see above was a purchase we made the day before, it had me running all around the shops trying to find one and resulted in me paying a vast amount for the only one I could find. When Finn finally did get in the water with it on, he hated it so much that we ended up using it for 5 mins and it spend the rest of the time packed away (at least theres room to grow).

Jeep Safari - Porto Santo

To break up the week one day we went on a jeep safari around the island (pic above), which was well worth taking as Finn loves being in a car, plus it was interesting to hear about the area. Then another day we took the custody bus into the town centre for a look around followed by a long leisurely stroll back to the hotel via the beach (pic below).

Family walk - Porto Santo

The holiday was exactly what we needed, Finn enjoyed it (especially the waves, which he went mad for) and I loved the fact the three (and a half) of us were all together somewhere else than at home. I think another all inclusive beach holiday will be on the cards once our next one is ready.

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