Pampers to Potty

Pampers to potty

Some big news at the moment is that Finn is officially starting 'school' this coming February (which is actually having me in tears now). I keep thinking its too early for him to be away from me, but in truth I think it could be too early for me to be away from him :). What is easing this new stage is thinking how fun it'll be for Finn to spend his days with other children, as well as the much needed alone time I'll get with our next bundle and to do illustration.
On the school, we have decided to go with a local Flemish (Dutch) one and are lucky enough to get a place there. Everything obviously is taught in Dutch (I understand enough) and with a lot of French speakers going there we're hoping he'll pick up both languages. We did think of expat schools, but with them being so costly (a lot of companies give allowances for this, unfortunately not in our case) and not equipped with the facilities I expected, we didn't see its worth at this age.
So for the moment the school search is over (thankfully because filling forms, meeting deadlines and visiting schools were a little hectic), we'll see how Finn gets on and in the worst case we can always move him.

That all being said we now come to a dilemma...

Children are expected to be potty trained before starting school, which is giving us a clear deadline for a dry boy! We initially had a goal for Finn to be out of nappies before Sep (when bundle 2 arrives) but hearing how things like this can go back a step, when new siblings arrive means it might take a bit longer
How are we handling it? At the moment we're getting him interested in the potty, we talk about it, make him sit on it in the morning and read stories, as well as ask him if he's done things in his nappy. Next stage will come after his birthday (this weekend..yay!) where we'll try him only wearing pants. I'll let you know how that stage goes, but pretty sure it'll involve a lot of cleaning...ha!

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